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September 21st, 2019

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DAY THREE – Mid North Coast and Newcastle SAP are crowned the winners of the First Touch Football Supplies State SAP Championships

After two outstanding performances throughout the tournament, the 14 Years Mid North Coast and the 12 Years Newcastle SAP squads have been crowned the 2019 Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) State Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) Champions.

In a thrilling final game of the day, Mid North Coast secured their Championship position after defeating South Wallsend 1 nil.

Warners Bay just missed out after leading the 14 Years division throughout the tournament, but two (2) draws today against Wallsend and NNSWF Select SAP cost them the title.

Newcastle SAP were the top performers in the 12 Years, remaining undefeated with one (1) draw over the three-day tournament.

NNSWF Technical Advisor Leo Bertos commended the Champion teams performances as the most consistent whilst playing an attractive style of football.

“Both winning teams have shown entertaining styles of play and have scored a high amount of goals throughout their campaigns at the FTFS State SAP Championships,” Leo said.

“The tournament is a great way for technical directors to gauge how players throughout the NNSWF region measure up against one another,”

“I believe the style of football has improved and this is a great testament to the training and education that coaches are providing through the Skill Acquisition Programs (SAP),”

“I encourage all players to continue to work hard and progress their skills as I will be keeping a close eye on players to be selected for the 2020 Westfield National Youth Championships,” Bertos concluded.

During the FTFS State SAP Championships, a number of selected NNSWF referees undertook a Talented Official Program (TOP) Camp.

Olivia Flannery from Football Far North Coast (FFNC) was awarded the 12 Years Match Official award whilst Cooper Chomicki from NNSWF Referees was awarded the 14 Years Match Official award.

NNSWF’s Senior Officer of Match Official Administration and Development Brad Carlin, says tournaments like these provide a great opportunity for young referees to further their knowledge and skills and to strive for selection of other NNSWF tournaments.

“ I praise the hard work and commitment shown by the sixteen (16) match officials in responding to the coaching and assessment given to them and for the improvement that they’ve shown in their officiating,” Carlin said.

“The decision to select the referees of the tournament was incredibly difficult, with so many fine performances given by a number of match officials,”

“Two referees, Matthew Boslem (NNSWF Referees) and Billy Arthur (NNSWF Referees) were acknowledged by the referee instructors for their outstanding officiating throughout the tournament as well,” Carlin concluded.

Overall, the FTFS State SAP Championships has been a successful three-day tournament with the skill and talent of all players recognised as having improved from 2018.

Referees of the Championship 

12 Years 

Olivia Flannery
Football Far North Coast Referees

14 Years

Cooper Chomicki
Northern NSW Football Referees







Championship Winners

12 Years Champions

Newcastle SAP

14 Years Champions 

Mid North Coast


12 Years

9:25am NNSWF Select SAP 4 (Z. Wallace 9′ & 13′, P. Jacka 15′, D. Heffernan 32′) def. Emerging Jets 3 (P. Clarke 11′ & 23′, L. Sharpe 38′)

BYE v Mid North Coast

10:20am Macquarie 1 (A. Kilroy 28′) def. North Coast 0

11:15am Newcastle SAP 3 (J. Fisher 2′ & 27′, A. Vetter 32′) def. Hunter Valley 0

12:10am Emerging Jets 1 (C. Bray 31′) def by. Mid North Coast 2 (A. Hunter 9′ & 19′)

1:05pm Macquarie 2 (R. Cook 23′, A. Kilroy 37′) def. NNSWF Select SAP 1 (S. Hart 21′)

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions

14 Years

8:30am South Wallsend 0 def by. Hunter Valley 1 (I. Threlfo 35′)

8:30am Warners Bay 1 (Z. White 23′) drew Wallsend 1 (E. Acland 12′)

9:25am North Coast 0 def by. Adamstown Rosebud 1 (M. Howard 4′)

10:20am Mid North Coast 2 (A. Knight 32′, J. Watts 38′) def. Merewether 1 (S. Holy 11′)

11:15am Warners Bay 1 (M. Salvador 30′) drew NNSWF Select SAP 1 (S. Parker 15′)

12:10pm Hunter Valley 0 drew North Coast 0

12:10pm Wallsend 1 (A. White 18′) def by. Adamstown Rosebud 2 (M. Howard 12′, E. Spicer 37′)

1:05pm Mid North Coast 1 (A. Knight 27′) def. South Wallsend 0

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions

DAY TWO – Skill of Northern NSW female footballers improve and participation increases


Day two of the First Touch Football Supplies (FTFS) State Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) Championships for Girls opened with brilliant sunny conditions.

The day has seen a number of teams breaking away from the rest of the competition to become front-runners.

Warners Bay lead the 14 Years division, with Mid North Coast, Merewether following closely behind.

A key match for tomorrow in the 14 Years will be between Mid North Coast and Merewether as only 1 point separates them.

In the 12 Years division, Newcastle SAP remain undefeated with one (1) draw, advancing the squad to a leading amount of 13 points with Mid North Coast closely behind on 12 points.

The winning squad will be decided after their final game tomorrow.

Northern NSW Football Technical Advisor Leo Bertos says the second day of the tournament has been a challenge for many players, as they are required to play another three (3) games under fatigue.

“Players that are standing out are girls that are in good physical condition to effectively manage the amount of games played over the past two days,” Leo said.

“To be able to play at a high-level of football, players need to be conditioned and have the mental strength to continue and perform at their best”.

Bertos adds that the overall skill of young female footballers in Northern NSW is improving, but compared to the best players in country within their age group there is still room for improvement.

“2019 has seen a 5% growth of in Women and Girls participation in the game, but we must further provide more opportunities for access to quality coaching and facilities to assist in progressing their development,”

“These are key areas we will be focusing on for the next Strategic Plan for 2020 onwards”.

Day three (3) of the tournament commences Sunday 22 September, with first kick off at 8:30am.

The presentation will commence at 2:00pm.


12 Years

8:30am Hunter Valley 0 def by. Mid North Coast 2 (C. Bailey 16′, A. Hunter 23′)

9:25am North Coast 0 def by NNSWF Select SAP 5 (E. Mayson 7′, D. Barwick Taylor 11′, P. Jacka 21′ & 39′, M. Kuramochi 38′)

10:20am Newcastle SAP 1 (G. Quinton 2′) def. Emerging Jets 0

BYE v Macquarie

11:15am Mid North Coast 4 (A. Hunter 2′ & 6′, C. Bailey 39′) North Coast (OG)

12:10pm Emerging Jets 0 def by. Hunter Valley 2 (OG, T. Hammond 36′)

1:05pm Macquarie 0 def by. Newcastle SAP 1 (G. Quinton 37′)


2:55pm North Coast 1 (C. Andrews 36′) def by. Hunter Valley 2 (P. Hamilton-Vosilla 10′, S. Chandler 11′)

3:50pm Macquarie 0 def by. Mid North Coast 1 (A. Hunter 22′)

BYE v Newcastle SAP

14 Years

8:30am NNSWF Select SAP 1 (O. Kane 27′) def by. Adamstown Rosebud (OG, E. Spicer 23′)

8:30am Wallsend 0 def by. Mid North Coast 3 (L. Amato 2′, J Watts 30′ & 35′)

9:25am Merewether 4 (C. Corder 12′ & 52′, M. Walsh 27′, K. Papaspiropoulos 37′) def by.  South Wallsend 0

10:20am Warners Bay 1 (M. Cook 32′) def. Hunter Valley 0

11:15am North Coast 0 def by. Mid North Coast 1 (J. Watts 15′)

12:10pm Adamstown Rosebud 1 def by. Merewether 3 (C. Corder 27′, 33′ & 36′)

12:10pm South Wallsend 0 def by. Wallsend 4 (A. White 8′ & 10′, E. Kidston 24′ & 26′)

1:05pm Hunter Valley 0 def by. NNSWF Select SAP 1 (E. Kampf 32′)

2:00pm Mid North Coast 0 def by. Warners Bay 2 (H. Wilson 11′, M. Cook 21′)

2:55pm South Wallsend 0 def by. North Coast 4 (A. Webster 4′, E. Snowling 7′, T. Sambrook 8′ & 32′)

3:50pm Merewether 3 (K. Papaspiropoulos 7′, C. Corder 8′ & 36′) def. NNSWF Select SAP 0

3:50pm Wallsend 0 def by. Hunter Valley 1 (D. Hungerford 13′)

4:45pm Mid North Coast 4 (J. Watts 1′, 10′ & 27′, Own Goal 28′) def. Adamstown Rosebud 2 (E. Spicer 4′ & 19′)

5:40pm North Coast 0 def by. Warners Bay 2 (H. Wilson 5′, Z. White 22′)

DAY ONE – Top talent from across NNSW impress at the First Touch Football Supplies State SAP Championships


Over 240 of Northern NSW’s most promising young female footballers have kicked off their First Touch Football Supplies (FTFS) State Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) Championships for Girls campaign today in Coffs Harbour.

Day One of the tournament has begun with the 12 and 14 Years girls squads competing at the multi-million dollar facility, C.ex International Stadium, Coffs Harbour.

There has been some standout performances in the 14 Years division, with Adamstown Rosebud defeating South Wallsend 6 nil and Mid North Coast defeating Hunter Valley 4 nil.

The 12 Years Macquarie and Newcastle SAP squads have started their campaign successfully remaining undefeated throughout the day, with a number of players from Mid North Coast catching the eye of technical directors.

Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) Technical Advisor Leo Bertos is closely monitoring the aptitude and skills of the 14 Years players to be selected for Westfield National Youth Championships in 2020.

“I am interested to see how the players manage to perform despite a large amount of games over the three day tournament,” Bertos said.

“How the players manage their recovery and whether they can remain consistent in their abilities is important for being selected to play at the Westfield National Youth Championships”.

With the 14 Years Adamstown Rosebud and Warners Bay squads emerging as leaders in their division after playing out a 1 all draw today, Bertos is keen to keep a watchful eye on these teams.

“Overall the technical level of players vary and I can see the difference between players who either play in older age groups or train in unisex environments,” Leo said.

“Tournaments like this provide a unique experience where some teams will play eight (8) games over three (3) days, and results are on the line”.

Day two (2) of the tournament commences Sunday 22 September, with first kick off at 8:30am.


12 Years

9:25am North Coast 0 def by. Newcastle SAP 2 (A.Vetter 12′, OG)

10:20am Mid North Coast 5 (A. Hunter 2′, C. Bailey 6′, K. Ryan 10′ & 12′, A. Logan-Pye 22′) def. NNSWF Select SAP 3 (D.Barwick Taylor 14′ & 36′, M. Kuramochi 20′)

12:10pm Emerging Jets 0 def by. Macquarie 1 (R. Cook 16′)

Hunter Valley v BYE

1:05pm Newcastle SAP 2 (L. Porcu 10′, G. Quinton 25′) drew NNSWF Select SAP 2 (S. Hart 35′ & 38′)

BYE v Emerging Jets

BYE v North Coast

2:00pm Hunter Valley 1 (P. Hamilton-Vosilla 8′) def by. Macquarie 2 (M. Preston-Poole 24 & 31′)

2:55pm North Coast 0 def by. Emerging Jets 3 (L. Sharp 14′, C. Frost 26′, J. Williams 35′)

3:50pm Mid North Coast 0 def by. Newcastle SAP 1 (G. Quinton 21′)

4:45pm NNSWF Select SAP 1 (D. Heffernan 9′) drew Hunter Valley 1 (P. Hamilton-Vosilla 21′)

14 Years

8:30am Merewether 0 def by. Warners Bay 1 (M.Cook 30′)

8:30am Wallsend 0 def. North Coast 1 (C.Cowgill 6′)

9:25am Adamstown Rosebud 6 (M.Howard 1′ & 27′, M.Campbell 12′, J.Seeney 32′ & 37′, C. Palmer 39′) def. South Wallsend 0

10:20am Hunter Valley 0 def by. Mid North Coast 4 (J.Watts 4′, 18′ & 35′, A. Knight 35′)

11:15am NNSWF Select SAP 1 (O. Kane 29′) drew North Coast 1 (C. Cowgill 2′)

11:15am Merewether 0 def by. Wallsend 1 (J. Thompson 19′)

12:10pm Warners Bay 3 (H. Wilson 2′ & 29′, S. Cook 39′) def. South Wallsend 0

1:05pm Adamstown Rosebud 4 (M. Howard 9′, A. Finn 12′, E. Spicer 23′ & 38′) def. Hunter Valley 0

1:05pm NNSWF Select SAP 1 (R. Lowe 20′) drew Mid North Coast 1 (A. Knight 39′)

2:00pm North Coast 2 (C. Cowgill 2′, T. Sambrook 36′) def. Merewether 1 (S. Holt 32′)

3:50pm Adamstown Rosebud 1 (M. Howard 36′) drew Warners Bay 1 (M. Salvador 2′)

3:50pm NNSWF Select SAP 0 def by. Wallsend 1 (A. White 8′)

4:45pm Merewether 1 (C. Corder 35′) drew Hunter Valley 0

5:40pm South Wallsend 0 def by. NNSWF Select SAP 4 (J. Woolfe 13′, O. Kane 23′, E. Kampf 36′ & 37′)

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