What is SAP

Outline of Program

Skill Acquisition (SAP) Training Phase

Teams within the Skill Acquisition Phase: Boys 10, 11, & 12 Years and Girls 12, & 14 Years.

The Skill Acquisition Phase is also referred to the foundation phase with the main theme based on skill introduction, skill training and skill game. By transitioning the players through these themes, players first learn the skill and then are able to slowly apply the skills into a real game scenario/decision making.

The NIF Skills Acquisition Program is designed to perfect and accelerate the skill development of identified talented players between the ages of 9 and 13 years with developing core skills the main focus:

    • Striking the Ball
    • 1 v 1
    • First Touch
    • Running with the Ball



Overall, the purpose of the SAP phase is to improve the technical quality of youth footballers that successfully transition from their current age group to the next age group and ultimately to the Game Training Phase.

Skill Acquisition Player Performance Feedback

The Team Coach and the Technical Director of the NIF Player Development program will endeavour to complete a minimum of 2 player assessments throughout the season on each individual player in the Skill Acquisition phase of the NIF Program. These will be completed in May and August.

The player assessments will relate to the 4 core skills of Skill Acquisition. The purpose of the player performance feedback is to give both players and parents an indication of where the coaches of the program believe the individual is at in their football development and in relation to what is considered the top-level Australian footballer in each individual functional game skill.

Each functional game skill will be ranked on a 1-5 scale. It is important to be aware that when the coaches are giving the individual scores for different game skills that it is not a ranking in a squad, but an overall score in relation to all members of the individual players’ age group across Australia.