Northern League One (NL1) 2020

The trials for the 2020 Northern League One Teams were conducted on the 8th September in Tamworth.

Firstly, with over 80 players attending, we were very impressed with the number and quality of players that attended the trials.

Northern Inland Football is excited to announce the Northern Inland Football Teams & Squads entering the Northern League One Competition in 2020.

Training Commences

Training for 2020 will commence:

Day: Tuesday 28th January 2020

Time: 6 – 7.30pm

Location: Gipps Street Fields

Under 16 Squad

Coach: Adam Ramage  / Mobile: 0498 477 568

Aiden Hindmarsh

Casey Rainger

Freddy Williams

Hamish Wallace

Jack Stanton

Jacob Little

Jasmyn Hoppe

Judah Flint

Kilian Apen

Phoebe Wilson

Will Aitken

Zac Walters

Braydan Boonstra

Under 15 Squad

Coach: Lachlan Beaman  / Mobile: 0447 264 675

Augustin Monet

Brandon Bigone

Campbell Lewis

Eddy Williams

Harry Osbourne

Liam Sim

Lily Parsons

Louis Johnson

Lucas Wehtje

Solomon Layton

Will Albertson

Jayden Wise

Brendan Jarrett

Jacob Clark

Under 14 Squad

Coach: Glen Boonstra  / Mobile: 0427 600 464

Bailey Brooke

Blake Patterson

Charlie Hargraves

Chitipat Poomipak

Elizabeth Fraser

Emily Dent

Hugh Kennedy

Indiana Ramage

James White

Joseph Anderson

Max Thompson

Sean Addis

Tom Aitken

Erin Allen

Under 13 Squad

Coach: Matt Endemi  / Mobile: 0467 655 219

Achille Monet

Adam Davis

Damikah Barwick-Taylor

Ben Cini

Jayden Bender

Jordan Byrne

Jorja Roach

Hamish Dodson

Liam Best

Miller Harwood

Tommy Schaefer


For more information, please send all emails to Howard Stubbs, Northern Inland Football Technical Director.