Northern Inland Football Coach of the Month Award – March

May 31st, 2016

Coach – Wes Clark

Teams Coached – South United FC under 12s and under 10s

Club – South United FC

Wes has been a valuable member of our club as a coach, committee member and a player for the past 7 years. He first started with the club in 2009 as a dad that got the job of coaching because no one else would ,he had not football(soccer) background at all but still took up the challenge .He has now been coaching for 7 years and many of the children in the current teams Wes coaches have been with him for all the soccer life. Wes provides a positive attitude and fun to learning football with sportsmanship,friendship and ,teamwork Wes’s main aim .Each child he coaches regardless of gender or ability has their own special talent and place in the team. Wes has great respect and friendship from the children to both parents and players.

A parent of South United 12s team had this to say about Wes as a coach
Wes Clark started coaching our son in football in 2009. Our son had never played football and was so excited. We turned up to his training and met his coach Wes Clark. He said he has not coached before but as they needed a coach he would give it a go. I remember being relieved and nervous as a parent, thankful that I did not have to volunteer as I was not very knowledgeable in the game of football and nervous because we did not know Wes.
The coaching was a work in progress at first, our kids all keen to score goals and be on the field all the time. No one wanted to come off and everyone wanted a goal. The kids had so much energy to burn and Wes had so much patience with them. As the weeks rolled into months our kids learnt so much more than football. They learnt skills, respect, friendships started to form and most of all they learnt that it was all about the fun of football.
Wes has taught the kids so many skills, each have their own ability in which they improve and no one asks for anything more than their own personal best. I believe this is what happens when you have coach like Wes. Some may be trying to curve the ball in a corner and another may be trying to make their first winning tackle, whilst the next person may be trying to out sprint the opposition to the ball – all equally important in a good coaches eyes, but something you don’t always see is the child who has never scored a goal encouraged by a sideline of parents, friends and players so excited for the child just to kick a ball and if they miss encourage them even more. Wes has this quality, the quality to see each child in their own right. Teamwork and acceptance is something he is fantastic at. He doesn’t have all the best players and that is ok he has a team who over many years has enjoyed being part of “Wes’s Family”.
Our team of Girls and Boys have been like a family. Wes has gone above and beyond in being a coach from having bbq’s at training to going to carnivals and helping with transport. He is also the type of coach who knows his limits, calling on other player’s to help out in skills sessions and attending courses for more knowledge and ideas to help him with his coaching. Wes has also coached more than one team in a season, not wanting to let any children down offered to coach multiple teams and has juggled quite well, with the help of his partner Tammy.
As a parent I am honoured that Wes has coached my son, for seven years and just about to start his eighth year. He is well respected by the kids and they have a bond that will always be there. He is a fun to be around coach but can also be serious and strict when the need arises. He is fair and has taught the kids that it is not all about winning – winning is the bonus. It is about skill, patience, respect, fair play, having fun, achieving personal goals, being grateful for personal goals of others, friendship and the love of football. None of this is learnt without the guidance of a coach with a passion for the development of each child and this is something that Wes Clark has achieved with a group of children, who are all at different playing levels, who love the game of football. What a great coach

a Parent from South United Under 10s had this to say

Being a soccer coach is not an easy position. Especially if the expectations and pressure from the sideline is continuous. Wes has been volunteering and giving up his own precious time to teach our kids.

The COACH acronym explains his approach well:

Competent in both his knowledge of the game and how to get apply his players.
Organises the training sessions and players always knows what will happen next.
Appreciates the contribution of outsiders and takes their advice onboard.
Considered about the personal situations of players.
Hands on approach to soccer has brought out the best in all kids.

Testimonials – What kids are saying about Wes as a coach: “Thank you for your never ending support, not matter how many times you have to show me again.” “Thanks for always giving good advice and being a great coach.” “Thanks for never giving up on me in these last few years and always including me.”
What are the parents opinion – “My child’s technique and confidence is coming on since being in Wes’ team.” “Excellent, the kids enjoying coming to practice and games.”

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