Season 2021

Welcome to Season 2021!

Northern NSW Football- Northern Inland is committed to providing players more opportunities to play Australia’s largest sport throughout the New England North West in 2021. In fact, we’re preparing for our biggest season yet!

Player registrations are now open and there are plenty of opportunities for players of all ages and abilities to join a team, get on the pitch and be active, not to mention the introduction of the Football Australia supported MiniRoos Hub being held at PLC Armidale.

The Armidale MiniRoos Hub is the ideal environment for any young player wanting to have fun and play with mates. 

Not only will players at the hub play each Saturday morning from 1 May, each player will receive a FREE Newcastle Jets Replica Jersey and their very own football too!  is affordable and accessible for everyone, with the entire registration covered by the NSW Government’s Active Kids Voucher!

So don’t hesitate, if your child is primary school-aged, get their friends together and REGISTER NOW



Who runs the Armidale MiniRoos Hub

Northern NSW Football will appoint a facilitator to specifically deliver and develop MiniRoos football in the Armidale District. Players will be registered to NNSWF and therefore Football Australia. MiniRoos in Armidale will be a sanctioned football activity and as such, registered participants will be covered by the suite of insurances offered to other footballers registered for sanctioned activities across Australia. FOOTBALL NORTHERN NSW (

How much does it cost?

MiniRoos delivered by NNSWF in Armidale will have a registration fee of $100 which becomes a zero cost for players with access to the $100 Active Kids Voucher. Apply for an Active Kids voucher | Service NSW

What do I get for my registration?

Registered players  receive a Newcastle Jets Replica playing Jersey that should be worn as part of involvement with football offered by NNSWF. There will be no other costs after registration apart from the normal personal gear like shin pads and boots.

In 2021, all players at the Armidale Hub will receive a football courtesy of the sponsorship arrangement that NNSWF has with Newcastle Permanent Building Society.

What’s the benefit of participating in sanctioned football?

MiniRoos is a National format specifically designed for children between the ages of 4-12 years of age approved by Football Australia & exclusively implemented by NNSWF in Armidale. All registered players are formally connected to the game locally & nationally. Only players participating in sanctioned competitions will be permitted to participate in talent development programs. Accredited coach & match official courses & professional development sessions will only be offered to registered participants in sanctioned football.   

What policies & processes ensure that this is a safe environment for my child?

Registered players (their parents) and volunteers are bound by the Football Australia National Code of Conduct and the Football Australia National Member Protection Policy. Employees and volunteers will be required to comply with the NNSWF Working with Children Check policy. NNSWF-WWCC-Club-Policy-2021.pdf (

Do I also need to register with a club?

No. MiniRoos in Armidale is being offered by Northern NSW Football. It has no connection to unaffiliated football that was delivered in Armidale in 2020. NNSWF is the Member Federation aligned with Football Australia to deliver football in Armidale.

The MiniRoos Hub is a team based activity which does not rely on clubs entering teams. Players can register as teams or individuals.

Is there Girls Only Football?

NNSWF will deliver All Girls football as well as mixed football in each of the age groups.

Who will referee the matches?

A trained game leader will be appointed to each match. NNSWF will be delivering training to Game Leaders prior to the season beginning.

Where are matches played?

All matches will be played on Saturday at PLC Armidale (and other local venues as required.)

How long will the 2021 Season run for?

NNSWF plans for the season to delivers 15 matches – weather dependent. 

Round 1 will commence on Saturday 1 May. There will be no football on the Queens Birthday long weekend (June 14) and during the School Holidays (3 and 10 July).

How will I find out about draws, changes to draws and washouts?

All communication regarding draws, changes to draws and washouts will be delivered through Team App. All parents and guardians will be invited to download TeamApp to receive communications.

Where can we train?

Northern NSW Football will book a facility for weekly training and organise a schedule for teams to train.

What if my child is not in a team?

Participants can register as individuals & will be placed in teams. In the rare event a player cannot be placed in a team the Active Kids Voucher can be transferred to an alternate activity provider.

Can my child play with mates from school?

Yes. Football will be aligned to the stages offered in most primary schools.

Years 1/2
Years 3/4
Years 5/6

Registrations will be accepted from individuals or from a whole team. NNSWF staff will organise teams for individuals that register.  

How many players can be registered to each team?

Kinder up to 7 players
Years 1/2 up to 7 players
Years 3/4 up to 10 players
Years 5/6 up to 12 players

This is a guide and allows for three reserves.  

Who will coach and how much training will players have?

NNSWF will provide opportunities for parents and other community members to develop their coaching skills through a series of coaching courses. These coaching courses are supported by online resources in Coach HQ on the NNSWF website. Coach Headquarters | Northern NSW Football

Who provides the equipment?

NNSWF will provide the equipment needed for game day – balls, goals and bibs.

Will there be a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place?

NNSWF works with NSW Office of Sport to develop a COVID-19 Safety plan that is applicable to all participants across the NNSWF jurisdiction. It is updated on the NNSWF website as required.  Return to Play Portal | Northern NSW Football

Do I need shinpads to play?

Shin pads must be worn in MiniRoos. NNSWF will make shin pads available for purchase from the canteen.

Are there volunteer roles for parents?

The MiniRoos program being delivered by Northern NSW Football in Armidale will seek parents willing to volunteer as coaches, team managers and also to perform match day duties.

What if my child is in High School?

NNSWF intends to offer more sanctioned football  opportunities for players 13+ in coming seasons.

What is the relationship to NIAS Talent Development Program (Skill Acquisition Program)

Players registered with Northern NSW Football will be eligible to apply for an Armidale based Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) that will be delivered by the Northern Inland Academy of Sport (NIAS) during 2021.

What programs exist for talented youth players (13-16 years)?

NIAS offers talented youth players the opportunity to trial for teams participating in the NNSWF Northern League One competition. Please contact NIAS.